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hunger Games Chapter 23 Comprehension Questions

Chapter 23

1. Why does Thresh's death affect Katniss?
Thresh's death affects Katniss because she feels bad. She didnt want him to die. She appreciated him letting her goo. At that time he could have chosen to kill Katniss and runn off to save himself. He could have ran off to get away farther and save himself. but Katniss feels guilty because instead he lost time by talking to her and letting her leave. and even if Katniss didnt make it to win the game she wanted thresh too. 

2. Who is left in the arena?
The ones left in the arena are Cato from District 2 . Foxface from District 5 . Peeta and Katniss 

3. What are Katniss' fears if she wins the Games?
If Katniss wins the games she fears that she might end up like Haymitch. Have his Job and do what he does. She doesnt know what her daily life will be. she's gonna have lots of money so theres' no use of her hunting anymore because she could just buy her own food. She doesnt like that she'll be the one to train the next future tribute from district 12 for the games. She doesnt want them to suffer. She doesnt want to whatch. 

4. What happens to Foxface?
Foxface ends up dieing eating the poisones berries she stold from Peeta and Katniss.  Peeta had gathered berries he thought were the same ones katniss gave him. He gathered them up in the cave. He didnt he them though. But he didnt know that they were poisenes berries. So when he heard that Foxface died he wanted to know how and When Katniss showed him how he was shocked. He couldnt beleive it was the berries he gathered because if it wasnt for her he would have ate them too and died of it. 
Important Quotes (4 minimum)
1. "Four of us left. For the first time, I allow myself to truely think about the possibility that I might make it home. To fame. T wealth.To my house in the victor village." 
2. It must be hell to mentor two kids and then watch them die. Year after year after year. I realize that if I get out of here, that will become my job. To mentor the girl from District 12. The idea is so repellent, I thrust it from my mind."(pg.306)
3. "Haymitch and I don't get along well in person, but maybe Peeta is right about us being alike because he seems able to communicate with me by the timing of his gifts." (305)
4. Thresh dead. I should be happy, right? One less tribute to face. And a powerful one, too. But I'm not happy. All I can think about is Thresh letting me go, letting me run because of Rue, who died with that spear in her stomach. . . ."(pg.307)

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